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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blk 3A Clarke Quay, #02-02
6338 0305 / 6538 3849

The family celebrated Sis's 25th birthday at this restaurant recommended by Wendy Auntie. All 8 of us had the ala carte buffet ($30++) which gave us unlimited orders of 50 dishes. The advantage to dining with such a large group is that we can try many different varieties without overstuffing ourselves.

Instead of the usual peanuts served at most chinese restaurants, we had complimentary roasted walnuts coated with honey and sesame seeds. These were extremely addictive as they were crunchy and not too sweet.

Since I'm not a chinese food lover and bound to be biased against them, I won't comment too much on the dishes we had. The following 6 items are limited to only one order per table. All of us were also limited to a bowl of braised shark's fin soup with crab meat and conpoy. The Poached Prawns in Red Wine were fresh but lacked the fragrance of red wine.

This was my favourite: Deep-fried Scallops with Shredded Taro. I liked everything about this! The scallop was fresh and juicy; taro shreds were crispy and not oily; and the mango sauce lent a sweetness to the whole dish. A pity that we could only have one order of this!

We were served 2 crabs since there were so many of us. The Stir-Fried Chilli Crabs were not spicy at all and though fresh, I faulted them for being too small.

Everyone liked the buns served with the crabs. Soft inside but crisp outside, they were a perfect compliment to the chilli crab sauce.

The Chilled Mini Abalone with Chef’s Sauce were really miniscule! They looked almost too cute to be eaten. The "Chef's Sauce" tasted like a mixture of tomato and sweet chilli sauce which covered the taste of the abalone. But since I don't like abalone in the first place, I don't agree with the general consensus that the abalones were good.

I didn't try all the meat dishes so I'll just show you what the family ordered. This is Sliced Fillet of Smoked Duck with Szechuan Hot and Sour Sauce. The layer of white fats turned me off completely.

Everyone seemed to like the Baked Kurobuta Pork Spare Ribs in Grandma’s Homemade Sauce.

Before we knew it, all 7 items were served. So, we started ordering from the ala carte menu. I had the Braised Sweet Corn Soup with Fresh Crab Meat while the rest had the Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup. I liked this! Thick and not too sweet, there was a chockful of ingredients in it. However, the soup started to thin and became watery after it cooled.

The Jellyfish and Clams with Szechuan Hot & Sour Sauce was decent enough.

I also didn't try the Deep-fried Vietnamese Spring Roll which I thought looked quite ordinary and not special enough for me to warrant a try.

This was another dish I liked: Pan-Seared Prawn Mousse in Sugar Cane. It's interesting as the prawn mixture was wrapped around a sugar cane and the flavour of sugar cane compliemented the prawn mousse well, giving it a slightly sweet instead of savoury taste.

We had two orders of the Braised Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw, both of which are said to have collagen. Collagen is very good for the skin! A perfect excuse to eat more of it.

The Stir-fried ‘Kung Po’ Eel was different from what I had in mind. I thought that the eel would be similar to the unagi I always have in japanese restaurants. This eel was much more tough and lacked the tenderness and softness I was looking for.

I didn't like the Stir-fried String Beans with Dried Shrimps as it was too bland, too oily and the dried shrimps were almost nonexistent.

This was another hot favourite which warranted a second order. The Steamed Seabass with Lemon Jus was very fresh and flavourful. We had to wait for 30 mins as the seabass was steamed upon order but it was definitely worth the wait.

We were very disappointed with the Wok-fried Egg Omelette with Prawns and Chives as it was way too salty. The only saving grace was the prawns which were very plump and juicy!

I didn't like the Stewed Bean curd & Fish Fillet in Claypot as frozen fish fillets were used instead of fresh ones.

Here are 2 more dishes which I didn't try. The general consensus among the family was that the Marinated Egg-Plant topped with Chicken Floss was interesting and delicious.

This is the Stir-fried Almond Cappuccino Pork Spare Ribs.

We definitely ordered more than the above dishes but I didn't take any photographs of them as I was too busy eating and chatting. Moving on to the desserts, I didn't like the Hot Sweetened Peanut Paste and Sago. The sago was in an unappetising clump while the peanut paste was more savoury than sweet. Other desserts on the menu included the seasonal fruit platter, longan with sea coconut and ice cream, all of which were unremarkable.

Generally, this was a pleasant enough meal that lasted for more than 3 hours. Speaking from a non chinese food lover's point of view, the food was only average. I had a few qualms about the service though. When I told the waitress that the omelette was very salty, her only response was "shi ma?"("is it?" in chinese). We were quite irritated with that. To her credit, she did come back again to ask if we wanted another serving of it. But the 1st bad impression had already been created and not likely to be forgotten. On the whole, service was prompt but the waitresses looked unfriendly with no smiles at all. I'd rather have a forced smile than no smile at all, thank you very much.

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In ancient Greek mythology, sirens are creatures which have the body of a bird and the head of a woman. They have such sweet voices that sailors who heard their songs were lured into grounding their boats on the rocks on which the nymphs sang.

To me, food are like the sirens in so many ways. Intoxicating, wonderful, beautiful and yet, so very deadly if you let them get the better of you. Food is a big part of my life and it’s meant to be appreciated and savored slowly. I admit that I am extremely particular about what I eat. If it’s not something I want to put in my body, I’d rather not eat. Some people eat to live while others live to eat. I’ve yet to discover which side of the camp I’m in… What about you?

I hope that you will enjoy reading about my food adventures as much as I like writing them. And many thanks to my family and friends who always wait patiently for me to take photos before digging in!


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