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Friday, January 9, 2009

Bakerzin #2
#03-58/59, Jurong Point Shopping Centre
6791 2155

Jurong Point has recently completed its renovation and a new extension has been added. Hui Yi and I went there after school to check it out and ended up at Bakerzin after seeing their promotional poster.

We shared the All Day Set Menu ($13.80++) which came with unlimited servings of their homemade bread, drink, soup of the day and a choice of main course. The creamed corn soup was unremarkable and bland. And the serving was ridiculously small!

The Seafood Flaky Pizza was our main course. I thought this was quite a good deal as it costs $14.80++ if you order it from the ala carte menu. However, the ingredients of squids, mussels and prawns were used sparingly on the puff pastry. Like the soup, this was average and failed to make an impression.

The Valrhona Warm Chocolate Cake ($4.90++) was the sole reason why we came to Bakerzin. Until 31st January 2009, Bakerzin is offering its signature dessert at only half the price! Every table I saw ordered at least one serving of this. Trust me, this is a good deal!

This was really decadence with every bite! The melt-in-the-mouth chocolate oozed with rich and dark Valrhona chocolate once I cut it in half. Paired with cold homemade vanilla ice cream, orange confit and seasonal berries, the contrast of flavour and texture made me sigh with pleasure.

I'm glad that the quality of the desserts is still consistent. But I can't say the same for the main courses. Bakerzin should just stick to what it does best: creating sinful desserts!


1:24 PM



In ancient Greek mythology, sirens are creatures which have the body of a bird and the head of a woman. They have such sweet voices that sailors who heard their songs were lured into grounding their boats on the rocks on which the nymphs sang.

To me, food are like the sirens in so many ways. Intoxicating, wonderful, beautiful and yet, so very deadly if you let them get the better of you. Food is a big part of my life and it’s meant to be appreciated and savored slowly. I admit that I am extremely particular about what I eat. If it’s not something I want to put in my body, I’d rather not eat. Some people eat to live while others live to eat. I’ve yet to discover which side of the camp I’m in… What about you?

I hope that you will enjoy reading about my food adventures as much as I like writing them. And many thanks to my family and friends who always wait patiently for me to take photos before digging in!


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