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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sakae Sushi
#02-13 Wheelock Place
6737 6281

I met up with Hui Yi and Wen Yi for our last outing of the year before I leave for exchange. We decided to have the student buffet here ($15.90++).

These are the soft shell crab and salmon handrolls.

I like the edamame! They were quite fresh and I think we ordered about 5 or 6 servings of it.

The charwamushi was alright.

The fried tofu was quite nice.

Hui Yi ordered the Inari cheese sushi.

The kakiage (mixed tempura) was horrible. The batter was soggy and not crispy at all.

There’s only a tiny piece of salmon in the salmon maki.

The fried scallops were nice!

The boiled octopus chucks in the takopachi balls were quite tough.

I didn’t try the gyoza (Japanese dumplings).

The fried renkon (lotus root) were very crispy and not oily at all.

Wen Yi ordered another 2 handrolls: the ebi handroll and the mango and avocado handroll.
I only ate the salmon and threw the rice away.

Like the salmon sushi, I just ate the unagi which was good.

The japanese pancakes were quite tasty.
The potato croquettes were somewhat similar to the pancakes but have a crispier texture.

This fried maki is quite interesting. The batter was very light but there was too much rice in it.

One word to describe the service: terrible! The waiters had a very unhappy look on their faces the whole time. We had to ask for our orders a couple of times as we waited for very long. I wouldn’t come back to this branch again.

P.S.: For people who don't eat rice, this is not very value for money!

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In ancient Greek mythology, sirens are creatures which have the body of a bird and the head of a woman. They have such sweet voices that sailors who heard their songs were lured into grounding their boats on the rocks on which the nymphs sang.

To me, food are like the sirens in so many ways. Intoxicating, wonderful, beautiful and yet, so very deadly if you let them get the better of you. Food is a big part of my life and it’s meant to be appreciated and savored slowly. I admit that I am extremely particular about what I eat. If it’s not something I want to put in my body, I’d rather not eat. Some people eat to live while others live to eat. I’ve yet to discover which side of the camp I’m in… What about you?

I hope that you will enjoy reading about my food adventures as much as I like writing them. And many thanks to my family and friends who always wait patiently for me to take photos before digging in!


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